About Us

The Killeen Police Department is a 356-member organization, with a 256 member allotted sworn strength. We are responsible for all police functions in Killeen, Texas, a city of 134,654 population, covering approximately 55.235 square miles.

Our Mission

The mission of the Killeen Police Department is to create a partnership with the community to combat crime and improve the quality of life for all its citizens.

Our Vision

The Killeen Police Department’s vision is to provide effective and efficient police services to our citizens, in the most professional and courteous manner possible by tailoring our manifold operations to meet the needs and expectations of our community.

Our Values
  • We will maintain the highest level of integrity,
  • We will engage in open honest communication,
  • We will treat all persons with compassion, respect and dignity,
  • We will be self critical and accountable for our commitments and results,
  • We will always seek to provide the highest quality of service,
  • We will preserve and safeguard individual rights and liberties.

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