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KPD SWAT Team Competes in CEN-TEX SWAT Challenge

The Killeen Police Special Weapons and Tactics Team awarded first place in the 2014 CEN-TEX SWAT Challenge Overall.

Several members of the SWAT team competed this weekend on Fort Hood in four separate courses; Individual Shooter, Individual Agility, Team Shoot house and Team Obstacle Course.  Over the three day event, the team was challenged not only physically and technically but mentally as well.  With tough competition and outstanding support, the team was awarded first place in the 2014 CEN-TEX SWAT Challenge Overall and brought home the Hornsby Cup.  The Hornsby Cup has been identified as the Overall award for the winning team of the Cen-Tex Challenge.   This award was established last year after the death of Killeen Police Department SWAT Officer Robert “Bobby” Hornsby who was killed in the line of duty during a SWAT Operation.

The competition team members were Officers Alejandro Sune and Zack Akers, Detectives Michael Truelove, Miguel Mirabel, David Daniels and Byron Goodsby.  Detectives Jason Petty and Steve Kirk were support elements.  Officer Akers was awarded first place in Individual Shooter and Officer Sune was awarded Second Place in Individual Shooter.  The team was awarded first place in both Shoot House and Obstacle Course.

The Cen-Tex SWAT Challenge Organizer’s has received approval from the Dinwiddie Family to name an award after him,  CHUCK’S CUP was established and it will be awarded to the Top Individual winner; the Top individual winner consists of the Individual Shooter and Individual Agility course combined times.  On May 11, 2014, Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie succumbed to his injuries from a gunshot wound during a SWAT Operation.

The team would like to thank everyone who supported the efforts put forth by the competition team.  Many long hours of training and support went into the preparation for this year’s competition and could not have been accomplished without those who supported the team’s efforts.

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 Ofelia Miramontez

Public Affairs

Killeen Police Department