Killeen Police Conducts Traffic Safety Detail


Killeen, TX (April 8, 2022): Killeen Police conducted a traffic safety detail at four locations in Killeen that have had a high number of traffic complaints from citizens.  The intent of the detail was to increase public safety by bringing awareness to traffic law.

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, Officers with the Traffic Unit and with the assistance of the Days A squad, conducted a traffic detail in the following locations throughout the day.

  • 1700 S. WS Young Dr. (Manor MS school zone) morning and afternoon
  • 3300 Clear Creek Rd. (Shoemaker HS school zone) morning
  • 3400 block E. CTE westbound
  • 3500 block E. CTE eastbound

During the detail, the following violations and arrest occurred in the officer’s presence at the listed locations.

  • 3 Warnings
  • 117 Speeding
  • 10 No Insurance
  • 1 License Invalid
  • 2 No Driver’s License
  • 2 No Seatbelt
  • 1 Fail to Signal
  • 3 Expired Registration
  • 4 Tint Violation
  • 1 arrest for outstanding warrants

Cdr. Ronnie Supak

Killeen Police Department

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