KPD No Knock Warrant Policy Revised

Killeen, TX (October 5, 2020): The ninety (90) day temporary hold on requesting search warrants that include a provision to the knock and announce rule has expired.  During this 90-day review, the no knock committee met, discussed and concluded their input on how the department could improve on no knock warrant response/policy. 

“Our goal and our mission at the Killeen Police Department is to reduce crime, to reduce the fear of crime, and to enhance public safety.  In order to do our jobs efficiently and as safe as possible for everyone, we may sometimes have to conduct a no knock search warrant.  However, before that takes place, we want you, the community, to understand that there are updated procedures that are followed,” said Chief of Police Charles Kimble. 

For more information about the committee’s input and the policy revision, please visit the department’s website by clicking on the following link.    

Ofelia Miramontez

Public Affairs

Killeen Police Department

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