Killeen Police Department Initiating Plans for Soft Reopening

In our ongoing efforts to perform our essential functions to protect and serve the public, we will be reopening the main lobby of the police headquarters for a limited time each day.  The lobby will be open seven days a week, beginning Monday, June 1st, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Non-essential services such as fingerprinting and background checks will not be available.
  • Taxi, Peddler and Towing Permits are obtainable during the time the lobby is open or by calling (254) 501-8940.

We urge citizens to call us to file a police report in which an officer is not required for a response.  As an example reports such as theft, criminal mischief, lost property, and minor infractions can be taken over the phone.

We continue to ask for the public’s help to follow these recommendations for customer service:

  • All victims who need to file a non-life-threatening crime report can call our non-emergency line at (254) 501-8800. If required for the filing of your report, the lobby will be open during the designated times indicated.
  • To request a “press copy” of your filed report, you can email the Records Office at Please include your name, a contact number and a brief statement in your email.
  • To purchase crash reports online by visiting this link:
  • To file a complaint, email the Internal Affairs Unit at
  • For jail access, bail bonds companies, attorneys and families can contact (254) 200-7908 for information about an inmate.
  • Custodial exchanges and Safe Exchange Zone transactions can be made outside the front main entrance of the headquarters.
  • The Evidence Property Unit will be available by appointment only at (254) 501-8918.

To ensure the safety of fellow citizens and staff we ask that if you have business that must be handled at the department, you wear a mask when entering the lobby.  You may be asked to exit the lobby and obtain a mask before reentering.   Be cognizant of the distance between you and others.  If the desk officer determines that too many people are in the lobby, he or she may ask that you wait outside until space opens up and you can enter.

Ofelia Miramontez
Public Affairs
Killeen Police Department

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