Killeen Police Department Receives its Fourth Accreditation

Police Chief Charles Kimble is pleased to announce the Killeen Police Department has earned advanced reaccreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) for the fourth time since 2010. Certification status represents a significant professional achievement and is confirmation that KPD practices are consistent with law enforcement professional standards.  Accreditation is a continual four-year process.

CALEA’s internationally recognized standards are the highest standards in law enforcement.  Accreditation ensures the department has consistent policies, formalizes management practices and provides for accountability through checks and balances at all levels of the agency.

In order to receive advanced accreditation, the Killeen Police Department was required to meet 484 state-of-the-art standards of proven best management practices set by the Commission. Accreditation is a voluntary invitation for professional law enforcement assessors from CALEA to examine all aspects of the department’s policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services.  The team of out-of-state assessors conducted an on-site visit of the department October 14-17, 2019.

Accreditation standards provide the Chief of Police a proven management system of written directives, sound training, clearly defined lines of authority, and routine reports that support decision-making and resource allocation.  It also provides objective evidence of an agency’s commitment to excellence in leadership, resource management, and service delivery.  Accreditation embodies the precepts of community-oriented policing.  It creates a forum in which police and citizens work together to prevent and control crime.

On March 17, 2020, Chief Charles Kimble, along with Assistant Chief Margaret Young, Commander Ronnie Supak and Mrs. Mary Vazquez appeared before the CALEA Commission to discuss the department’s reaccreditation. During the discussion, CALEA Commissioners analyzed the final assessment report that was submitted and voted to grant CALEA accreditation to the Killeen Police Department. The Killeen Police Department was then awarded reaccreditation on March 27, 2020.

The Killeen Police Department is currently one of only 30 agencies in the state of Texas to achieve and maintain CALEA accreditation.

Commander Ronnie Supak
Killeen Police Department

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