Office of Justice Programs Finalizes Assessment

In 2017, the Killeen Police Department requested assistance from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Diagnostic Center with assessing the scope of violent crime, reviewing existing response strategies and understanding community perspectives on crime and community engagement. It was anticipated that working with the Diagnostic Center would help the Killeen Police Department with implementing proactive strategies to reduce crime, use resources more efficiently and build positive relationships with the community.

As a training and technical assistance resource, the OJP Diagnostic Center has been able to provide customized technical assistance to help other state, county, city and tribal communities build capacity to reduce violence and other serious crimes in their jurisdictions, and it is anticipated that their assistance will provide the same benefits to the Police Department and citizens of Killeen.

Chief Kimble States “A safer Killeen is a goal we all share as a community, and it is believed that the in depth analysis and fresh perspectives being presented by the Office of Justice Programs can provide a blueprint of effective strategies that will allow us to focus our resources and meet that objective.”

On Monday, June 25, 2018, at 1:30PM representatives from the OJP Diagnostic Center will meet with the Killeen Police Department, local stakeholder agencies and community representatives in the Community Room of the Police Headquarters, located at 3304 Community Blvd., to deliver the findings of the assessment and recommended strategies that can be implemented to achieve a sustainable reduction in violent crime, while maintaining positive relationships with the community. Specifically, the presentation will outline:

  • Analysis of key findings
  • Model programs for violence reduction
  • Recommendations for improvements in crime reduction practices and community engagement

A copy of the Diagnostic Center’s report will be available on the PD’s website after 2:00PM on Monday June 25th.  To view a copy visit .

For more information about OJP, visit


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