KPD Investigates Numerous Incidents of Shots Fired

The Killeen Police Department has been investigating numerous incidents involving shots fired recently in different areas of the city.    It has been portrayed that all the recent incidents that have occurred are related; that information is incorrect.  The department has increased the patrols in the areas that are known to be affected.  Some of these incidents are related to ongoing criminal activity and the victims have been specifically targeted.  Of those incidents that have been linked, the detectives are gaining information about the people involved and they have made numerous felony and misdemeanor arrests.   The officers have recovered narcotics, taken several weapons off the streets and executed several search warrants.  An obstacle the department has to deal with while conducting its investigation, is the lack of cooperation from some of the victims, suspects and witnesses.  This often impedes the detective’s investigation and causes a delay in arresting the person or persons responsible for the crime.  The death that occurred on Buckley Drive on June 6, 2016, is not related to any of these recent incidents.  The person, who was taken into custody, was released by the Bell County District Attorney’s Office, pending further investigation.  Other incidents that occurred were employment related, domestic violence related and drug related.   All of the incidents are under investigation therefore, no further information will be released at this time.

The department is working diligently to solve these crimes; detectives are following any leads given.  The Killeen Police Department is working with federal, state and local agencies, by sharing information and gathering intelligence.

The number one priority of the Killeen Police Department is the safety of the citizens.  Crime is not only a police problem but a community problem.  If the citizens unite with the police department, we can work together to make a safer community.   Citizens are asked to be vigilant of your surroundings, if you see something out of the ordinary or suspicious in nature, contact the Killeen Police Department at 254-501-8800.  Call 911 immediately if you see a crime in progress.


Carroll Smith
Public Affairs
Killeen Police Department

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