KPD Investigates Suspicious Person in Lions Park

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, at 3:28pm, officers responded to a suspicious person call at the Lions Park, located at 1600 E. Stan Schlueter Loop. The caller said that an elderly Asian female had offered cookies to their child and had also picked up another child without the parent’s permission.  The officers arrived at 3:31pm and located the elderly female at the Senior Center and soon realized that there was a language barrier, as the female did not speak English.  The officers spoke with the female’s family member and it was determined that there was no malicious intent on her part and that she was just being friendly with the children.   After officers spoke with the female and her family member, the female understood that it was not the proper thing to do.  There have been no other reports of a female attempting to take children.  The officers who responded to Lions Park did not feel there was a threat to the children and felt this was a cultural difference involving the elderly female.

Carroll Smith

Public Affairs

Killeen Police Department


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