Killeen Police Announce Results of Traffic Enforcement Detail

The Killeen Police Department Traffic Unit reviewed the area of FM 2410 and FM 3470 over the past several months and found that a high number of crashes where failure to control speed and running red lights had been the contributing factors. On Thursday, March 20, 2014, officers conducted a special traffic detail enforcing the law pertaining to running red lights.

All of the following violations occurred in the officer’s presence during the hours of 6:30am – 9:30am and 10:40am – 12:15pm.

  • 151 citations were issued for Ran Red Light
  • 4 citations were issued for Failure to Yield Right of Way Red Light
  • 1 citations was issued for Failure to Stop at Designative Point
  • 1 citation was issued for Failure to Control Speed
  • 25 Non hazardous citations were issued
  • 1 Commercial Motor Vehicle was cited for Failure to Secure Heavy Load

A total of 183 citations were issued for various violations, but as you can see the vast majority was those for running a red light.

There was one crash that occurred in the officer’s presence and the citation was written for Failure to Control Speed; there were no injuries reported in this crash.

Carroll Smith
Public Affairs
Killeen Police Department



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